Sum It Up

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A complete mind game for those who like puzzles!

If you are addicted to Sudoku then here’s a challenge for you! Add Columns/Rows/Diagonals to achieve the sum to the bottom and right red region number. Adjust your numbers to reach the goals and Win!

- 3 Levels!
- Timing and Top Scores!
- Saves all data, so don’t worry about answering a call or replying to a text!
- Great thinking game for small waiting periods!

* Coming soon: Name Entry and List of Scores

***Three Levels***
Easy: Helpful region in yellow to show you what your sum of the blue region is. This will get you into the puzzle with less addition needing to be done.

Hard: More difficult in needing to find the diagonal sum of the blue region. Also brings out your math skills as there is no help in adding them for you.
---May switch between "Easy" and "Hard" freely without needing to restart---

Expert: Given numbers will be random among all 5 of them. Take on the challenge and see if your mind can handle it!


Please take this app as a small app to enjoy. Any additions you would like please feel free to leave your comments of adjustments.